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Understanding Cacti and Succulents

All cacti are succulents but the reverse is not true. There are many succulents that are not cacti. Succulents are able to store great amounts of moisture. Aloe vera is a popular example of a succulent.

What makes the difference between a cactus and a succulent are the areoles which are structures that look like cushions where branches, leaves, spines, hair, and flowers emanate from . If a succulent does not have these circular areoles, even if they look so much like cacti, they don’t belong to the cactus family.

You can find succulents in a lot of places in the world but cacti are only found in certain places. These plants are survivors. Predators and pets don’t like to eat succulents because their skin is tough. The leaves, stem, and roots of succulents and cacti has very high water content which makes them survive even when the environment is very dry for a long time. Their thorns protect them from dangers.

It is quite difficult to choose cactus because there are many varieties to choose from.

You can find giant spined cactus which can grow as high as 50 feet. Or you can buy a rosette tiny enough to fit in a thimble. The way you pot your cactus or succulent will affect their survival or failure.

Choose a clay pot with a large hole for drainage for your cactus or succulent. Choose a pot with a width that is only half the plant’s height. Use hot water and soap to scrub your clay pot when cleaning. IF you have broken pots, then you can use this to cover the drainage hole.

Cacti and succulents grow very slowly. If you truly want to enjoy the different cacti variety, then you can get a bigger planter where you can put several varieties of cacti to make it look like something from the desert and put it near your window with the sun falling on them.

Never water your repotted succulent or cactus right away. Give it a week. Just make the soil damp without soaking it.

Restraint is important when watering cacti. Many cacti are made of a large percentage of water. Look closely at them to tell if they have enough water. If they are plump and well filled with water then they don’t need watering. IF the cactus looked wrinkled, simple wet them throughout remembering to remove water that will drain through.

If you are interested in having cacti and succulents, you can find many online stores where you can have them delivered to your home. You can buy single plants in pots or many plants in an elaborate arrangement. If you are a collector, then you can add these to your collection. If you don’t have these plants at home, then you should try having them. You can also give these small cactus pots to a friend’s birthday or any occasions for a present.

Doing Sales The Right Way

Doing Sales The Right Way