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How to Get Health Insurance When You Are Not Employed

You worry about when the paycheck will arrive and the protection of your health. The employer health insurance will no longer cover you after losing the job. There are several ways that you can get health coverage even when you are not working. You either opt for the government coverage or from a private provider.

For the people who are not employed, you can find coverage from a private. The coverage comes in different plans. You are going to find a plan that will meet your need and budget. The price of the health insurance will be lower than the employer-sponsored insurance. The problem with private insurance is that it covers limited health issues. You also have a high chance of getting co-payment. People with the preexisting condition will hardly find coverage. Otherwise the health insurance premium will be elevated. Do thorough research to make sure that you do not overcharge.

If you think that the transition from one job to another is short, then you should consider short term health plan. It is suitcase for the people who have less significant health expenses. However, you will pay less for the coverage. It will not cover those people who have a preexisting condition. The plan usually last can for one year. The renewal of the plan is allowed for a maximum of two times. However, the regulation varies from one country to another.

For those people who have recently lost their jobs, it is wise to keep the employer health insurance. The COBRA health insurance will ensure that you are going to get the same coverage that you are used to. The program is very suitable for the preexisting condition. The person who qualifies for this program must have been working in a company that has a minimum of 20 employees.

You may also apply for the COBRA health insurance within 60 days. You will have to pay more money. The employer will provide half while you will have to provide half. For the COBRA health you will pay the total amount. The service provider will charge you less administration fee of about 2%.

Another option that you may have is the government health coverage. The program is suitable for the people who have decent income; you must examine whether you are eligible. The criteria for qualification differs from one state to another. There are some countries that only offer the insurance to only the people who earn twice the state poverty level. For the people who have a preexisting condition, the state will be ranked will classify you as a high-risk individual. The coverage will be more expensive than average.

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